HR Changelog 12-02-18

- Mostly a tech/backend update and other quick/easy fixes that were brought to my attention.

-Fixed travel between Land of Roses Rooms
-Fixed encounter with incorrect sprite display
-Fixed intrusive Nehilla chat after Knight Shade
-Knight Shade's battle scene has been tweaked. HP trigger is cleaner.
-Tweaked Knight Shade's 2nd phase to be faster/smoother.
-Fixed oversight of freshly recruited Kobolds having 100% motivation, they now start with the default MP rate

-Fixed incorrect Element Weakness display (icon was not matching element)
-Added Visual Damage Ailment States on enemies (make it more obvious they are Staggered)
-Using an item from the map/out-of-battle menu will not close the item menu
-Fixed stray pixels on Gilgol and on-map Blobs
-Uncapped HP limits, HP can now go over 9,999.

-Hemlock Brew skill now correctly bypasses death removal
-Fixed Adel's Padding Skill to work as per description and displays how much barrier HP remains on the state icon
-Fixed post-victory passives (Kosette, Maru, Gilgol)
-Various damage formula tweaks (from Marci~Bruno), more dramatic changes are listed below
-Changed Maru's Zodiarrow Skill
    EFFECT: Deals pierce damage to 1 random foe x12. Cannot Stagger with crits. Makes user Winded.
-Changed how Blood Burst calculates damage to NOT do less than if Bleed was allowed to properly proc
-Changed Nehilla's Poison Shock Skill
    EFFECT: Deals slash damage to 1 foe. If foe is Poisoned, adds x5 stacks of Poison.
-Changed HP demerit of Hungry Curse (200 HP -> 10% HP)
-Changed Ashfel's Firebrand Skill
    EFFECT: Deals some Fire damage to 1 foe and forces them to have neutral resistance to Fire for 3 turns.
-Changed Vellafera's Ice Fan Skill
    EFFECT: Deals some Ice damage to 1 foe and forces them to have neutral resistance to Ice for 3 turns.
-Changed HP values of Pleasantly Plump and Friend Shaped. Instead of being % based, they are static.
-Changed Adel's and Bruno's starting skills (they now both start with no-cost healing skills)
-Bleed ailment changed. Now lasts 2 turns and upon turn decay (aka NOT cured), will inflict its damage effect
-Bleed Resistance now lasts for 3 turns
-Winded ailment will NOT be auto-removed after battle.
-Magic Sugar can now cure Winded.

-Bees have been adjusted

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